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The release of The Nick & Jimmy Show is sure to wow audiences. Featuring a stellar cast and the collaborative efforts of a terrific crew, The Nick & Jimmy Show brings to life an absorbing story and a variety of compelling characters. 

Jimmy Tsiampouras

From humble beginnings, Jimmy Tsiampouras today is the co-founders of one of the fastest growing merchant services company in Canada. Jimmy is the youngest of 2 children, his mother while he was growing up worked as a seamstress and his father worked in McGill University. Growing up, Jimmy and school did not mix well, and it was a challenge for him to actually graduate from high school. But being persistent, he pushed through his difficulties and developed, at an early age, a sense of entrepreneurship and hard work. At the age of 15 years old, Jimmy started working at a call in downtown Montreal part-time while attending school, this is where he was introduced to the sales industry. He then went on to work at various summer jobs until he turned 16 where he started working at different restaurants as a busboy which he hated.


At the age of 30, Jimmy became a financial advisor and fell in love with the financial service industry. He has won multiple awards—from “Rookie of the Year” to “Top 25 Brokers in Quebec”.

Jimmy has been hosting an online show called The Nick and Jimmy Show which shares stories of successful individuals in the Montreal marketplace, Its goal is to gather local and international influencers, entrepreneurs and “intrapreneurs” under one roof, so that they can inspire, inform and influence future generations of business owners. His regular listeners enjoy his entertaining and educational show about different types of industries. Becoming a business owner has been for Jimmy one of the most challenging yet rewarding things in his life and he is proud to call himself an entrepreneur and to be able to give back to his community every day.

Nick Karanikolas

Nick Karanikolas is the president and co-founder of National processing services Inc, a local Montreal based company that has acquired over 5000 businesses in their books.


After 6 years of hard work, NPS has now become the leader in merchant services for small and medium size companies across Canada.


Born in Queens New York, Nick was raised by a single mother and came from humble beginnings. Struggling financially, they had no choice but to turn to government assistance to make ends meet. Nick used his environment as fuel to go out and make things happen for him and his family. After many different jobs and failed business ventures, Nick kept fighting against all the odds and founded NPS



Nick has always been empowered by other people’s success stories which kept him pushing to level up. He realized that if someone else can win at life, he can do it as well as long as you believe in yourself and never give up. However, what Nick discovered was that most of these success stories are based on individuals in other countries and wealth was far beyond reach for that average person. This is the reason why him and his business partner and longtime friend Jimmy, founded The Nick and Jimmy Show platform in which they sit down and interview Montreal’s most influential people and ask them to share their stories. This platform is helping the local community grow together and put Montreal on the map. The goal is to inspire as many average people to get up and make things happen!